We are Wellington Short Sale listing agents. We are Realtors® working with homeowners in distress. We list short sales all over the state of Florida but mostly in Palm Beach county, Broward County, Miami/Dade County, Martin County and St Lucie County Florida.

Nestor and Katerina Gasset

We have been doing short sales since 1995- way before it was popular to do so. Way before it was the norm in any market. When we started to negotiate a lot more short sales for sellers after the real estate bust in 2007-  agents did not even know what a short sale was. Most refused to even show them or work with us to get them sold. We wrote some of the very first articles on the internet about working through short sales for homeowners in distress and also for strategic short sellers in South Florida.

Nestor Gasset and Katerina Gassetare the authors of  the book,  ” Short Sales Success- Raising the Bar on Your Success Rate” They have put years and years of experience together to help real estate agents around the country learn how to properly negotiate a short sale for their sellers.

There are a lot of agents who have received all kinds of short sale designations and certifications but that does not mean they know how to negotiate a short sale for their sellers. There are a lot of agents who only have one listing a year or maybe two listings a year that will tell you they know how to do short sales. Sorry, but that is not enough for me to list my home and save my home from foreclosure. You need experienced short sale listing agents. 


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Nestor Gasset, Realtor®, Broker, Owner, CIPS, SFR, GRI, ABR, REOS,
Katerina Gasset, Realtor®, CIPS, SFR, Speaker, Author, Coach

Why is it important to have a Wellington Short Sale Realtor®  in your corner when you are doing a short sale?  No matter where you live in Florida just because an agent has done one or two short sale negotiations for one or two sellers does not mean they understand the negotiation skills it really takes should your short sale get into some major resistance from the bank.

We as Florida short sale agents work for our sellers and we are not debt collectors for the banks. We are also not order takers. Too many agents who say they can do your short sale just bring to you whatever the bank says they want you to do or contribute and whether they will release you from your debt or not.  You can negotiate the terms the bank wants. Just because the bank says “Jump” does not mean your answer has to be, “How High?”.

We know a lot of short sale agents claim that they can do this for you but in reality they are making comments about how few of their short sales close. That is not a chance you should be taking at this stage in your life.  Avoiding a foreclosure in most circumstances is the best option and having the know how to get that done is the job of a Wellington short sale agent.

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